A Rule for the Clergy

A Rule for the Clergy

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Meditations on Ordained Pastoral Ministry

Fr. Gerard Bogan



There are many challenges faced by clergy working in pastoral situations. Bishops, priests, and deacons often find they are in need of guidance, a reminder that they are part of the Universal Church, that they are not alone.

Now CTS is offering guidance in the form of a Rule, a code of practice similar to those of religious communities, but written by a parish priest specifically for clergy serving in pastoral ministry.

Addressing themes both practical and spiritual, A Rule for the Clergy considers a number of issues faced by clergy, including personal prayer, homiletics, the difficulties in being alone, visiting the sick and housebound, celibacy, and obedience. By creating a Rule, it offers clergy the chance to feel a sense of fraternal collaboration.

Featuring also inspirational quotes, reflective art in full colour, and original prayers written by the author, this book is a must-have for all clergy and the perfect gift for parish priests and deacons.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Title A Rule for the Clergy
Author Fr. Gerard Bogan
Price £12.95
Format Leather
Dimensions 18 X 12.9 cm
Printed Pages 124
Publisher CTS
Year Of Publication 2019
Isbn / Product Code 530562

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