England's Cathedrals: In Watercolour

England's Cathedrals: In Watercolour

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An illustrated pilgrimage to the great medieval cathedrals of England


Peter Hume embarks on an architectural pilgrimage to the great medieval cathedrals of England. The sites that he visits provide an evocative record of English history; they show the spirit of Saxon builders at work, the power of the Normans after the Conquest, the expression of new ideas arising from the Reformation, and the resurgence of religious life after the Restoration. This book presents the cathedrals in the order in which the author saw them. Over 40 of his rich watercolours are reproduced in colour, and a double-page spread is devoted to each cathedral. Hume's paintings reveal the genius of design, quality and craftsmanship of buildings that were originally built, not as works of art but as a homage to the glory of God.
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Additional Information

Title England's Cathedrals: In Watercolour
Author Hume, Peter
Price £9.99
Format Paperback
Dimensions 223 x 224 x 5
Printed Pages 64
Publisher Lion Hudson Plc
Year Of Publication 1/6/2006
Isbn / Product Code 9780745952536

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