Francis of Rome and Francis of Assisi

Francis of Rome and Francis of Assisi

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In choosing his name, Pope Francis was indicating an agenda, a vision, and a sense of mission. Saint Francis, the most universally beloved saint, reformed the church by imitating Christ in simplicity, poverty, and love for those on the margins. The spirit of St. Francis calls the church to embrace the poor, to promote peace and adopt an ecological consciousness. In embracing these values, Pope Francis has unleashed enormous hopes. Here, Leonardo Boff, one of the leading figures of liberation theology as well as the global movement for justice and ecology, explores the connections between these two Francises and the promise they hold for the church and the world today"
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Additional Information

Title Francis of Rome and Francis of Assisi
Author Boff, Leonardo
Price £11.99
Format Paperback
Dimensions 140 x 202 x 9
Printed Pages 168
Publisher Orbis Books (USA)
Year Of Publication 25/9/2014
Isbn / Product Code 9781626980839

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