Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: Workbook

Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: Workbook

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This extremely useful volume is a comprehensive introduction to the grammar and vocabulary of the Greek of the New Testament, with extensive paradigms, examples, and explanations. / Porter, Reed, and O'Donnell's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek makes use of pedagogically sound and linguistically informed language-instruction techniques to provide the most effective textbook possible. The book introduces the individual elements of the Greek language according to their frequency of use in the New Testament so as to reinforce in students the elements that they will most often encounter. Every grammatical element is explained in sufficient detail including illustrative examples and is accompanied by useful information to describe its composition and analysis. The authors also include complete paradigms with plenty of examples, and significant vocabulary is introduced throughout the course of the volume. / Students who complete this text can engage in serious reading, translation, and understanding of the Greek New Testament, moving directly into Greek exegesis courses and more advanced Greek-language courses. Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: First Year will prove invaluable for gaining a thorough foundational understanding of New Testament Greek. It is bound to be a standard text for years to come."
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Additional Information

Title Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: Workbook
Author Porter, Stanley E.
Price £12.99
Format Paperback
Dimensions 277 x 216 x 20
Printed Pages 274
Publisher William B Eerdmans Publishing Co
Year Of Publication 1/10/2010
Isbn / Product Code 9780802828262

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