Illuminated Life: Monastic Wisdom for Seekers of Light

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In this little dictionary of monastic wisdom, Joan Chittister offers an A-Z of how to 'be in the workd, but not of the world.' In her inimitable style, she eschews the quick fix in favor of a solid spiritual direction that has stood the test of time. Each chapter is devoted to a letter that illuminates a spiritual quality to be cultivated, from Awareness to Zeal, Community to Interiority, Enlightenment to Yearning--and many more. Every illumination opens with a story from the desert mystics, then seques into a practical application of that value to our tumultuous times.
Additional Information
Isbn / Product Code 9781570758782
Dimensions 154 x 179 x 10
Printed Pages 144
Format Paperback
Year Of Publication 2/3/2010
Publisher Orbis Books (USA)
Author Chittister, Joan
Product Code 9781570758782
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