NIV Bible Handbook

NIV Bible Handbook

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The acclaimed single-volume commentary to the world's most popular Bible


Written by Alister McGrath, one of Britain's most admired and insightful biblical scholars, the NIV Bible Handbook is designed to be read alongside the New International Version as a comprehensive guide to Scripture. McGrath's in-depth commentary is complemented by introductions to and outlines of every Bible book, explaining the authorship, context and purpose with which each book was written. The commentary is interspersed with over sixty feature articles addressing difficult questions arising from the Bible, such as, 'What does the Bible say about homosexuality?' and 'Did God really command all that killing?' A number of helpful maps and charts also aid appreciation of biblical narrative and history.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Title NIV Bible Handbook
Author McGrath, Alister E.
Price £18.99
Format Hardback
Dimensions 239 x 165 x 50
Printed Pages 640
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Year Of Publication 10/4/2014
Isbn / Product Code 9781444749854

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