Something Beautiful for God

Something Beautiful for God

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New colour-illustrated edition of Malcolm Muggeridge's famous book about Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Charity


'For me, Mother Teresa of Calcutta embodies Christian love in action. Her face shines with the love of Christ on which her whole life is centred, and her words carry that message to a world which never needed it so much.' Something Beautiful for God is about Mother Teresa and the religious order she instituted. It is not a biography in the ordinary sense, but includes - along with other writings about and by her - the transcripts of Muggeridge's conversations with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. This beautiful hardback edition contains many colour and black and white photographs of Mother Teresa, as well as the complete text of Malcolm Muggeridge's famous book - the book which brought Mother Teresa and her work to the attention of the world's media.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Title Something Beautiful for God
Author Muggeridge, Malcolm
Price £8.99
Format Hardback
Dimensions 190 x 150 x 18
Printed Pages 160
Publisher Lion Hudson Plc
Year Of Publication 1/2/2009
Isbn / Product Code 9780745953380

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