The Daily Mass Record 2018

The Daily Mass Record 2018

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The Daily Mass Record 2018 contains full liturgical information for each day, plus generous space to write appointments or notes: pages for parish statistics and specified / unspecified Masses. This convenient, spiral-bound book opens flat on the desk.


The Daily Mass Record features:

-complete liturgical information for each day

-more than 14 months, from the first Sunday of Advent through January of the following year

-pages for parish statistics and specified/unspecified Masses

-generous space for notes and appointments

-easy-to-read layout

-one week at a glance

-hardwaring spiral-bound binding

-9 1/2" x 13" format

Additional Information

Additional Information

Title The Daily Mass Record 2018
Author Franklin X. McCormick
Price £35.00
Format Vinyl Flexi Cover with spiral
Dimensions 35.5cms x 24cms
Printed Pages No
Publisher Franklin X. McCormick
Year Of Publication 2017
Isbn / Product Code 522586

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