The Highway Code for Parenting

The Highway Code for Parenting

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Are you about to become a parent, struggling as a parent, or simply wanting to enjoy family life more? This highly readable and humourous guide will help you to protect and care for any children in your care.


Written in the same style as Highway Code to Marriage, this is a parent guide with a difference. It's written in note form, which can be dipped into or read through in one sitting. It doesn't deal with details of toilet training or pocket money, but with the 'biggies' of good parenting. It's about love and self-esteem, discipline and development of character, equipping children for life, dealing with hard issues and looking after yourself. Although the authors of the book have a Christian view of life, the principles outlined are applicable to non-Christians too. This is for those: becoming a parent; feeling overwhelmed; struggling with issues; enjoying the family. It's partly Learn As You Go, for you learn on the job. But there are guidelines! Highway Code to Parenting gives you those guidelines.
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Additional Information

Title The Highway Code for Parenting
Author Perrot, Michael
Price £6.99
Format Paperback
Dimensions 208 x 111
Printed Pages 112
Publisher CWR
Year Of Publication 1/12/2007
Isbn / Product Code 9781853454196

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