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  1. Message


    Petersen, Eugene


  2. Amplified Bible

    Amplified Bible

    Zondervan Publishing


    The Amplified Bible captures the full meaning behind the original Greek and Hebrew. Learn More
  3. Amplified Bible: Mass Market Edition

    Features: - Complete Amplified Bible text and footnotes. - Compact portable size. - Flexible softcover binding. - Alphabetical listing of the Books of the Bible. - Inexpensive edition for personal/ministry use. - Double column format. - 7.1-point type. Learn More
  4. The New Testament for Everyone

    The text of the New Testament, drawn from the New Testament for Everyone series, fully integrated to smooth joins between sections and provide a level of internal consistency, for example in how individual Greek terms are rendered. It also represents Tom Wright's view of the New Testament, something that has helped to shape his theology. Learn More
  5. The Jewish Annotated New Testament
  6. Message Bible Compact Leather Binding
  7. The Message: the Bible in Contemporary Language
  8. Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) Anglicised Purple Compact Gift Edition with Zip

    An attractive, compact edition of the English Standard Version of the Bible; the world's fastest-growing Bible translation. Ideal as a gift or for personal use. Learn More
  9. Between Pocket Bible-HCSB

    Between Pocket Bible-HCSB

    Holman Bible Publishers


  10. Holman Classic Children's Bible-HCSB

    Holman Classic Children's Bible-HCSB

    Broadman & Holman Publishers


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