Consecrated Life: A Renewed Insight

Consecrated Life: A Renewed Insight

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In a period characterised by shallow and misconceived ideas of the Consecrated Life, Sr Mary Bride Njoku, a Benedictine nun, offers in this thoughtful and thought-provoking work a serious and comprehensive exposition of the fundamentals and essentials of this calling.



'Sr May Bride Njoku OSB presents an interesting treatise on Religious Life. She stresses the importance of the classical vows as a way to sanctity and as means to realize the vocation both in an active and in a contemplative Order. The book of Sr Mary Bride can help to deepen the understanding of ascetical life in every Christian, even of those who do not belong to a Religious Order. The book is a valuable contribution to the growth of the Catholic Church.'

Prof. Dr Pius Engelbert OSB
Abbot emeritus of Gerleve, Germany

Sr Mary Bride Njoku OSB is a Benedictine nun of 'Word Incarnate' Pachal Abbey, Nike Enugu Nigeria. She studied Philosophy and Theology at the Pontifical University of St Anselm in Rome. She also earned her Licentiate and Doctorate in theology respectively at the same University.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Title Consecrated Life: A Renewed Insight
Author Sr Mary Bride Njoku OSB
Price £14.99
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13 x 21 cm
Printed Pages 298
Publisher St Pauls Publishing
Year Of Publication 2016
Isbn / Product Code 9781910365144

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