Prayer of the Faithful / Bidding Prayer

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  1. Prayer of the Faithful: For All Occasions
  2. The Intercessions Handbook

    The Intercessions Handbook

    Pritchard, John


    John Pritchard considers the importance and challenges of the vital task of intercession. He then offers practical examples of intercessions in traditional services, all-age worship, small groups and personal devotions. Learn More
  3. Intercessions for Years A, B, and C

    A collection of intercessions to accompany the Church of England Common Worship Lectionary, years A, B and C. Learn More
  4. Prayers of the Faithful: for Sundays, Feasts, and Seasons / Hugh McGinlay.

    Provides prayers of the faithful for every Sunday and principal feast day of the three year liturgical cycle. Learn More
  5. Intercessions for Mass

    Intercessions for Mass

    Melcher, Mary Grace


  6. Weekday Prayers: Prayer for Weekday Masses and Prayer Services
  7. Leading Intercessions: Prayers for Sundays, Holy Days and Festivals and for Special Services: Years A,B & C

    A must for anyone leading intercessions in the Church of England. It provides prayers for every Sunday, Holy Day and Festival, Years A, B and C that can be easily adapted to local contexts. This expanded edition also contains forms of intercession for numerous extra occasions, including Principal Feasts and pastoral occasions. Learn More
  8. Hear Our Prayer: Gospel-Based Intercessions for Sundays and Holy Days: Years A, B & C

    This sequel to the best-selling Leading Intercessions offers a completely new set of intercessory prayers for Sundays and special occasions, following the pattern of the Revised Common Lectionary. Rather than draw on all the Bible passages for the day, this second collection draws entirely on the Gospel readings for the day's Principle Service. Learn More

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