Bible for Minecrafters: The Cross and Miracle

Bible for Minecrafters: The Cross and Miracle

Interdisciplinary Atlas of the Bible : Scripture, History, Geography, Archaeology and Theology

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 87 maps, 148 images, 72 historical documents
 All in colour, together with interesting facts, reconstructions, documentary evidence, texts, biblical and pastoral points for reflection
 24 chapters offering a biblical, historical and archaeological introduction to Scripture
 Appendices and 3 indices

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The pages of the Bible plunge us into the history of Salvation. The sacred authors set out to present the Word of God addressed to mankind in a specific historical and social context. The contents and power of such a message, opened up to believers in every age, are not always easy to understand: the two prerequisites for accepting it oneself consist of being attuned to the Spirit and to those who first received this Word.

This Interdisciplinary Atlas of the Bible is aimed at those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the world of the Bible by placing themselves in the wider context of the Sacred Texts. With this purpose in mind, history and archaeology, social background and geopraphy, tradition and theology, have been brought together to offer the reader a lively and dynamic study of the Bible. The great strength of this atlas is undoubtedly its ninety or so maps which, together with a substantial range of pictorial aids (miniatures, sculptures, graphical reconstructions, photographs and archaeological discoveries), illustrate the text and provide a clear visual representation.

The work is divided into 24 chaptes which gather together the Sacred Texts according to their canonical order; and concludes with detailed appendices and indices. This book is based upon a serious piece of research which has been developed and systhesized along the lines of the comparative, interdisciplinary approach of the Atlas. The books and articles referred to are instruments of recognised scientific research, which the reader will find cited in the appendices together with other material which can assist a deeper appreciation of the subjects covered.

Giacomo Perego, author of this Atlas, is a priest of the Society of St Paul. After his theological studies, he completed the Licentiate in Biblical Sciences at the Pontifical Biblical Intitute in Rome. He also attended specialist courses at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise in Jerusalem, where he also conducted doctoral research.

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