Already Within

Already Within

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Divining the Hidden Spring

Daniel O’Leary



Already Within: Divining the Hidden Spring is a collection of Daniel O’Leary’s contributions to the Tablet over the past three years. They are put together in this compendium in response to numerous requests from the journal’s thousands of readers. The reflections bring a huge mailbag of comments about O’Leary’s writing, challenging, compelling, thought-provoking, consoling, prophetic and prayerful.

Already Within contains the best writing of the author, a summing up of the main thrust of his books and articles from the past and present. The emphasis that appeals to readers so much is that of realising the presence of God in the ordinary moments of their lives. Nothing goes to waste, every effort, every happening, every daily event, even mistakes and sins, all are part of the bigger story; all are safely harvested. The articles, arranged in months and themes, sometimes refer to the seasons of the year, sometimes to the seasons of the liturgy, and sometimes to the seasons of the heart.

All the pieces begin with very real life-situations and then the author explores and discovers the compassionate presence of an incarnate and unconditionally-loving God at the heart of all our experiences.

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Additional Information

Title Already Within
Author Daniel O'Leary
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