The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction

The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction

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Ashok Bedi M.D.

Rev. Joseph H. Pereira



In the shared clinical and pastoral experience of the co-authors, addicts are highly spiritual individuals who lack the faith apparatus to make a connection with their spiritual drive. They regress to a non-ordinary spiritual experience via the addiction of their choice: be it alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, pornography, internet or addictive relationships.

Our experience has shown that when their faith deficit is restored, it has a salutary impact on their recovery, sobriety and healing. The process of faith restoration from clinical and pastoral experience aswell as the perspectives of Jungian psychology, ancient contemplative practices to the modern neuroscientific research is explored. This will make faith restoration accessible to professionals and lay individuals alike.

Join us in this journey guided by a psychiatrist and Jungian psychoanalysist Ashok Bedi, and Rev. Joseph H. Pereira, Founder and Managing Trustee of India's largest NGO working in the field of drug addiction treatment, the Kripa Foundation, an institution inspired by Mother Teresa dedicated to the treatment of individuals recovering fron Chemical addiction and HIV / AIDS.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Title The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction
Author Ashok Bedi M.D. & Rev. Joseph H. Pereira
Price £6.00
Format Paperback
Dimensions 21.5 x 13.8 cm
Printed Pages 200
Publisher St Pauls
Year Of Publication 2018
Isbn / Product Code 9788171089000

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