Society of St Paul

Our Mission

The Society of St Paul is a congregation of Catholic priests and brothers whose mission is to proclaim the message of the Gospel using the means of modern communications.

Through books, magazines, journals, film, radio, television, video and the internet, the Society of St Paul continues the vision of its founder, Blessed James Alberione, to follow in the missionary footsteps of St Paul the Apostle in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

Born in 1884, Fr James Alberione felt called to serve the Church in a particular way during a vigil of prayer on New Year's Eve 1900. In 1914, from this spirited vision, emerged the Society of St Paul. Fr James died in 26th November 1971 and was Beatified by Pope John Paul II on 20th December 2002.

The Pauline Family keeps alive Blessed James' vision with a presence in 32 countries as publishers, distributors and retailers, bringing the message of the Gospel to the world today. In the United Kingdom we have a Publishing House and a Distribution centre in London and book centres in London, Birmingham, York and Leeds.

Our Founder

ST PAULS is not just a commercial venture but a place that radiates the truth about Jesus Christ and his love.Blessed James Alberione

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St Pauls by Westminster Cathedral

Our Logo

The logo or symbol of the Society of St Paul represents both the Congregation and its apostolic activities, uniting them in a single sign.

It is composed of two elements: a straight line and a curve in a spiral manner. Both elements, combined as much in structure as in colour present a modern dynamic figure of considerable impact and are in a certain sense enigmatic.

In the two lines, one ascending and the other descending, we perceive the salvific movement of the Word of God - and we should not overlook the skillfully stylised allusion to the Sword of St Paul, the double-edge sword (Hebrews 4:12), which expresses the penetrating power of the Word of God.

In the parabolic spiral (helicoid), the discerning eye will capture the "P" for Paul, who is the key to our institutional and apostolic identity.

In the Logo the two dimensions of our mission engage and interact with each other: to proclaim the Word of God among the people of our day and to enable them to discover the Truth hidden in the heart of the events.